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When It Rains 

What do birds do when it rains   ?       I love the idea that somehow this could be a universal question for our walking groups  ...

Rain poses possible dangers to a bird and to us. The biggest one is hypothermia - birds stay warm by trapping tiny pockets of air under their feathers and if those pockets fill with water, that bird is going to get cold very quickly - and this is why down jackets don't work when wet 

So, where do birds go in the rain? To shelter, or not.

We will talk about it when walking in the rain and observing what the birds do, yet , the important  question is  What do we do when it rains? 

Even thought it is raining, we will be going outdoor - how long for and where  it will depend on the intensity of the rain and the span of the rainy weather.

With the correct outdoor clothing, waterproof jackets, trousers, good footwear and good plan, we can still stroll for a while before turning back and having an alternative, dry,  programme.

As it is raining in the UK quite a bit we have alternative plans in mind and they depend on what walking programme you have committed to do

Broadly speaking, the alternative programmes - workshops - will relate  to the outdoors skills learning.

Martina will be in contact with you about the latest plans and updates on the rainy weather

rambling salamander
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