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Risk Management   

We recognise that, undertaking adventurous activities in the woods, hills and open fields, the offered service needs to have embedded a good practice of predicting, understanding and managing potential risks.

Current Rambling Salamander’s adventures are;

  • low-land walking,

  • map reading, 

  • GPS devices navigating,

  • treasure hunting 

  • geocaching 

We have location-specific risk assessments in place and these are updated regularly and reviewed seasonally and are held in Rambling Salamander’s Office available for inspection at any time. 



Daily risks assessments are carried out before every walking session at the meetings to take into account the group wellbeing and abilities, forecasted weather and the planned activity.


Parents and carers are welcome to attend and to contribute to these meetings 

rambling salamander

In addition to prevent and manage some of the potential risks, the walking activities are set for four weeks time cycle . This time is important for the rambling salamander staff to get to understand clients' needs and their behaviour patterns before being offered participation in other activities such us national walks or walking holidays.  

rambling salamander

Staff Competence

Martina Fiserova , is an appropriately experienced and trained person to work with people with learning difficulties and to carry out  the walking activities. Click here to see Martina's experiences

Martina has enhanced DBS certificate, she also holds  Expedition Medicine Training certificate issued by the Royal Geographical Society.

Copies of her training certificates are available for inspection. 



Rambling Salamander as Martina Fiserova holds Public Liability Insurance   as required by  law. It has limit of £5 million indemnity for any one accident


Rambling Salamander has one vehicle available for transport.  Rambling Salamander operates the vehicle under the business  driving license. 

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