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Outdoor Skills Walks


Outdoor Skills Walking programme is looking into planning and preparing for Big Walks; National & International Walks and Walking Holidays. It is step up from the Local Walks and you will be encouraged to try and remember and practise some truly interesting skills;

  • Movement skills - Why posture and Pace is important ?

  • Clothing, Footwear & Equipment  People might have the best gear money can buy, still,  it is good to know when and how to use it 

  • Weather  - Understanding the weather and its influence on our plans

  • Planning and Preparing for walks - What do you really need  to think about when preparing for "your personal expedition"

  • Communication - What are good listening skills? How to give a clear message. What about our body language?

  • Navigation - Map reading from specially prepared maps as well as using OS maps, point-to-point navigation   using magnetic compass and GPS 

  • You  might also try to lead a walk, and see what responsibilities go with leadership - walkers rely on a leader's knowledge and skills to guide them safely.

Rambling Salamander is currently offering;

Outdoor Skills Walks   ( 5hrs )

Walks start from 10am , unless we agreed otherwise.

Would you like to take part? 

Check our avaliability and  group prices 

or individual prices and get in touch.


Outdoor Skills Walks         ( 5hrs )    

are  set up for a four-week period.

Activities: Forest walk, inclusive outdoor games, learning about clothing, footwear & equipment, movement skills, understandingweather, planning & preparing for walks, communication, navigation

Transport provided:  Transport from the meeting point to the walks and back is included in the cost. 

Equipment provided: Specially designed maps, OS maps, a magnetic compass and GPS devices.

Payments:  Our Outdoor Skills walking programme is tailor-made and set up for four weeks. You will be asked to pay for 4 weeks as a minimum payment.

Insurance:   Prices include Public Liability insurance

Individual clients who booked directly for walks with  Rambling Salamander   ( RS) are meeting in Newport Pagnell at RS Office unless we arranged otherwise.

For organisations and charity clients, the meeting point is usually at the organisation itself.  This is always confirmed before the walking programmes take place

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