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How to Become Rambling Salamander 

Rambing Salamander

First Step  : 

The first step starts from you to get in touch with us. You can call Martina on office number 01908 614 043          

on her mobile number 07939 451 005  or just send us your email on

Rambing Salamander

second step : 

is to tell us something about you, who you are and how you see yourself.  We have an easy questionnaire for you to fill in. You can download the file just by clicking  on the link above or we can email it or post it to you.

Once you complete it, simply send it back to us, either via email or by post.

Our postal address is on the bottom of the questionnaire. 

third step : 

is for us to get in touch with you and invite you for a test walk in local woods. You can come along on your own or with your parents or carers.    

It will be the first time that we meet each other in person, you might feel a bit nervous or excited all together and you can ask many questions if you wish. In fact, it is something that we happily encourage,  so please be curious about us

Rambing Salamander

four step : 

After meeting and walking together you would know better, if you are excited about the future rambling adventures. We honestly hope that you are. 

If yes, here comes the responsible part, your 

commitment. it means that you will enjoy our walking programmes for four weeks. You can meet with the group once or twice a week, the frequency is up to you, but the commitment is four weeks. After this period you can try different walks with us or you can have a rest and come back later.

Rambing Salamander



Our walking programmes are set for four weeks. Within this time, salamanders are exploring the area and learning easy-map reading techniques and discovering the beauty of navigation for future Treasure Hunt walks and  Geocaching.

Some of you might see this four-weeks period as a long time, we see it as an important and comfortable length of time in which people will be getting to know each other, feeling more familiar in the location and more importantly will be forming new friendships. 

With an easy pace and playful time , we will be discovering and trying to learn and remember  new set of outdoor skills, enjoy the nature and have fun.

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