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Our Background

Who is Rambling Salamander

Martina’s background has been in working with adults with learning difficulties in Camphill Communities since 2002 until 2018. She was attracted to the way that people were actively contributing to life; this larger sense of contribution gave them the vital sense of equality and purpose to life.
Within her years in Camphill Communities Martina started up several inclusive workshops and she became manager of The Chrysalis Theatre in Camphill Milton Keynes. This role enabled her to form Backstage Workshops - a platform where adults with learning difficulties were discovering, learning and practising skills that were essential for their inclusion in running the theatre on day-to-day basis. 
The Chrysalis Theatre is now a well-established venue within the drama network of Milton Keynes and beyond. Martina has stepped down from the managerial role of the theatrical performances to pursue her love of the outdoors.  She has focused her mind on her own interests and how to exercise the knowledge gained from working in the Camphill environment.
With the playful name Rambling Salamander, Martina, with help from her partner Frazer Waller, started an outdoor adventure service for adults with special needs. She is connecting this valued, extraordinary experience with her passion and forming an adventurous environment, where people can safely and at their own pace, discover and continually evolve their curiosity, their gentle human qualities and to be able to stand in the world with their personally gained self-respect and self-confidence. 
Martina and Andrew walking in Woburn    Woods, 2017
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