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Local Walks 

We came up with numerous attractive circular walks in semi-ancient woodlands between Woburn Sands, Bow Brickhill and Aspley Guise villages.

This vast and beautiful area of woodlands offers a brilliant playground in a peaceful setting that is ideal for strolling and encouraging people  to try some of these outdoor skills ; 

  • Ground features reading,

  • Map reading from specially prepared maps  

  • Navigating from point-to-point in familiar and also less familiar terrain 

You can choose from:

Short Local Walks   ( 2.5 hrs )

Long  Local Walks   ( 4hrs )

Walks start from 10am , unless we agreed otherwise.


Please check our availability and our group prices or individual prices and get in touch with us.

map 001.JPG

Transport provided:  Transport from the meeting point to the walks and back is included in the cost. 

Equipment provided: Specially designed maps, OS maps, a magnetic compass and GPS devices.

Payments:  Our Local Walks are tailor-made and set up for four weeks. You will be asked to pay for 4 weeks as a minimum payment. 

Before committing, we offer you a test walk where you can discover your rambling talent and make a responsible decision about becoming Rambling Salamander 

Insurance:   Prices include Public Liability insurance

Our Local Walks Programmes are set up for four weeks, 

We work in a small group only, and places are limitedif you wish to walk with us, please get in contact to secure your place.

Individual clients who booked directly for walks with  Rambling Salamander   are meeting in Newport Pagnell at RS Office unless we agreed otherwise. 


For organisation and charity clients, the meeting point is usually at the organisation itself.  This is always confirmed before the walking programmes take place.

How to get to the Rambling Salamander office using bus service ;

There is a bus stop literally next to the office. Bus services from CMK Theatre district are C10 or 25 , on the return it is C10 and 24. Please have a look at our plan and also check the bus service timetable. 

Please contact Martina directly for the location and maps of the circular local walks if you wish to see them in advance




Our Local walks are set for four weeks. Within this time, salamanders are exploring the area, trying to learn easy-map reading techniques, discovering the beauty of navigation for future Treasure Hunt walks and  Geocaching and each week, new features and new information is being introduced.

Some of you might see this four-weeks period as a long time, we see it as an important and comfortable length of time in which people will be getting to know each other and feeling more familiar in the location.


With an easy pace and playful time , we will be discovering, trying to learn and remember new set of outdoor skills, enjoying the nature and having fun.

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