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How We Work


We work in a small group only , trying 
to have an even number of people in each group, walking and working in pairs.

It is very good help to form a friendship, to learn and to enjoy one another.

Our Local Walks and Outdoor Skills Walks are set up for a four week period.

You will be asked to pay for 4 weeks as the minimum payment.

Before committing,  we offer you a test walk where you can discover your rambling talent and make a responsible decision about becoming Rambling Salamander.

Parents and carers are welcome to join in and participate in the walks. They would need to organise their own transport unless specified otherwise

National Walks and Walking Holidays are being offered  after the completion of the four week time period. There is unfortunately not  a shortcut.   This rule  is important to us to get to understand you and your needs well,  before spending more time walking and holidaying together

Why not to look at the picture gallery below and see a sample of our work from the Outdoor Skills workshop.

Please contact Martina directly if you have any questions. 

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