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We don't really offer an instant, one-off experience, but ongoing personal development

Rambling Salamander believes that the pathway to great adventures for people with learning difficulties starts fairly simply; from giving people an opportunity to be outdoor , from gentle encouragement to be curious about outdoor life, in an engaging way, from connecting to the nature and discovering the beauty of outdoor skills that can open doors to personally gained self-believe.

We have set up supported walking programmes that are doing exactly that and beyond.

Starting simply with an easy pace, walking in the local woods, and continuing walking in the same area for another few weeks before expanding on further locations. As if building consistency and trust that gives people the needed reassurance.

Quite possibly, a window for their curiosity may start opening ... from there we can start introducing the beauty of outdoor skills.

Some people might like carrying with walking in the local woods only, others might be looking into what further exciting things are there for them. As if a sparkle of curiosity has been lit. Only then we will start truly learning about outdoors and building the pathway to great outdoor adventures.

Rambling Salamander doesn't really offer an instant, one-off experience, but rather ongoing personal development and commitment.

Our walking programmes are set up for 4 weeks and we offer a test walk first, for people to make a responsible decision about their commitment.

The progress from our walking programmes continues to national and international walking holidays , some of them with focus on environment and conservation. The walking holidays are being offered after the completion of our four-weeks period. Unfortunately there is no shortcut.

Are you interested to know more ? Take a closer look at our website.

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